her repertoire

Her repertoire contains, amongst others, pieces of Albeniz, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy, Greco, Meijering, Prokofjev (Peter and the Wolf), Sjostakovitch, Van Son and Stravinsky.

Jacqueline formerly Frederique has an extensive track record including:
Video prodections, ‘En Passant’ and ‘Per la Strada’ in co-operation with Jeannette van Steen; ‘Time Sequence’, an imitation related to the recital piece of the same name of Toshi Ichiyanagi’ ‘Mots d’amour’, a composition and video based on a letter of Guy de Maupassant’ ‘Books with a sound’, live and computer compositions in co-operation with Marina van Laer.

Compositions for all carillons of Amsterdam including the Oude Kerk, Westerkerk, Zuiderkerk, en Munt, Love songs for two ladies, together with Danielle van Vree, and the complete musical notation on computer for cabaret group Shooting Party.

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